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- W. Freeman

"I love what I see already and I haven't got through all of them yet :)!!"

- T. Robinson

"I love them ALL as usual! She loves them as well!"

- B. Gross

"Lyn you made me cry all over again! Thank you for the beautiful pictures."

- T. Roosevelt

"Lyn we loved the pictures! Thank you for your blessing behind the camera!

- J. Tipton

"Lyn I love your design work!"

- J. Vicks

"Lyn thank you again for your talent"

- J. Vicks

"S/O to you Lyn!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

- A. Nash

"Always a great job!"

- J. Vicks

"Another Job Well Done!"

- J. Vicks

"I Love THEM!!! OMG!!! Just gorgeous!"

- D. Bennet

"Lyn you are amazing with the camera!"

- J. Vicks

"Lyn these came out so beautiful!! Thank you for your talent!"

- T. Brown

"Thank you Lyn! This is Great work!

- J. Vicks

"Lyn I love you so much!! Thank you for everything!"

- A. Burton

"Thank you Lyn!! They are truly Great!"

- M. King

"Lyn you are so wonderful! Thank you I love them!"

- T. Christenson

"OMG Lyn I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much!

- D. Todd

"Lyn I want to thank you! The photos are amazing! Job well done!"

- A. Richards

"Omgggg I Love Them ❤❤  You Did A Really Great Job!!  Youre Great At What You Do . Im At Work Going Through The Pictures And Everyone Says You Did An Amazing Job!!"

- T. Fore

"They look awesome!"

- C. Briggs

"I just wanted to say thank you. The pics are awesome."

- M. King

"I absolutely love these pictures."

- W. Cotton

"These came out really GREAT!! Thank you hunni dip!!"

- R. Long

"Thank you Lyn. We LOVE ALL OF THEM!!"

- S. Hendricks

"I just love love love our pictures!! Thank you Lyn!!

- S. Hendricks

"These came out great! Thanks Lyn."

- Pastor John

"Lyn I love you! You did such a great job. We both thank you so much!"

- C. Thomas

"Lyn you did a WONDERFUL job!! Thank you!!"

- C. Law

"I Love THEM Taco!!! The invite is pretty!!"

- A. Dotson

"Thank you so much.... You are awesome and I love u  "

- A. Allen

"I Love them Lyn! Thank you so much!!

- B. Zeigler

"Those r perfect Lyn. Thank You so much. It means alot to me for my kids to remember these times. "

- S. Jenkins

"Thanks Lyn! I love them!!!"

- M. Williams

"They came out very nice."

- K. Robinson

"Lyn I love them! I'm ready for another shoot."

- Meechie

"OMG Lyn I can't say thank you enough! I love all of them! Great Job!!

- V Herron

"Thank you Lyn I love them!!

- S. Jeffery

"Lyn the pictures are AMAZING!"

- R. Jeffery

"You did an amazing job... Thank you Lyn."

- V. Price

"Omg thanksss I love themmmm. I will be getting with you so you can do my sons."

- T. Glaze

"Lyn I love them!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!"

- K. Kimble

"Thank you Lyn. They are beautiful."

- K. Andrews

"They are so cute!!!  Yaaaayyy thank you!!!!"

- N. Deline

"OMG Lyn I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much girl. AMAZING JOB!"

- C. King

"I love them!  They look great Lyn!!!"

- C. Shipp

"Lyn they are amazing!! Thank you so much girl."

- K. Adams

"Lyn thank you! We love them. You did an amazing job!!"

- N. Shells

"Lyn great work. You even got my baby to smile! Thank you again!

- A. Gurley

"Lyn OMG these are beautiful!. The colors are so bright. Thank you!"

- K. Adams

"The pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much!"

- T. Gaines

"They are AWESOME!!! Thanks so much."

- J. Ingrham

"These are AMAZING Lyn!!! :-D"

- T. Wilcots

"I love them!!!  thank you so much."

- L. Bruner

"I love them!!!!!! If you only knew how much I appreciate you doing pics for me, it truly makes me so happy!!"

- C. Cipriano

"You did a beautiful job!  I really appreciate it you for all your hard work. Thank you again."

- V. Freeman

"Oh wow!!! I love these pictures!!!  You are too awesome!! We will definitely will be using you again!! And referring you to others!! Thank you so much for the beautiful captured memories and making us all feel so comfortable! You defiantly have a gift!!"

- R. Edwards

"I love them! I will be calling again for another session soon."

- T. Elkshoulder

"I Love them Lyn!"

- A. Allen

"Thank you so much Lyn. They are so pretty."

- R. Williams

"Thank you Lyn. I really like my daughter's pictures! Great Job!"

- J. Willimas

"OMG!...Lyn!....They are beautiful! Thank you so much! Love the photos Lyn... Love you girl!"

- T. Christenson

"I look sexy!.....Thank you so much Lyn!.... Awesome Job!!"

- T. Christenson

"OMG.... they are GREAT! we love them! I just left you a message! I need to get with you to get an idea of options for my destination wedding."

- V. Crittenden

"Love them,of course lol :)..."

- B. Gross

"Awwwwwwwww! I am so exhausted I can't even cry! U are so wonderful."

- T. Gresham


- S. Norwood

"I love all of them!!  Thanks for another year. Love u!!"

- L. Rhodes

"OMG LADY!!!! U truly have a gift. Thank u so much they are so so so beautiful. I don't even recognize myself. Can't wait for the engagement session thank u again!!!"

- T. G.

"Thank u so much they are so beautiful!"

- T. J

"Lyn thank you! They are so pretty!"
- A. Wilson

"You are awesome Chica! Much love♥"

- C. Hundley

"Thank you so much I'm crying lol See you in June for baby pictures."

- B. Freeman

"I JUST LOVE THEM!!! They came out so great!"

- T. Hall

"Thanks Lyn. Nice Job!"

- K. Brown

" I love them...aww Lyn you rock girl!"

- T. Geretta

"OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL!!!!!!!!!!!"

- B. Freeman

"They really nice thank you"

- R. Panford

"Thank you Lyn. I am so pleased with them."

-T. Nelson

"Big thanks to LDI I love my photos too amazing :)"

- S. Britt

"They're beautiful! Thank you Lyn "

- T. Wilcots

"S/O to my fav @uniquegirl79 for the pics I loveeee them."

- S. Henry

"I love them Lyn!!!!"

- J. Draper

"I really like the announcements and the pics."

- J. Simmons

"They are freaking gorgeous  all of them look beautiful!!  U captured some awesome moments."

- V. Jones

"I love my maternity girl L D I-Photography Lyn always come through!"

- D. Bell

"Aweeee thanks hunny.. we sitting here with the kids and every pic they like aweeee lol we absolutely love love love them!!

- R. Long

"Loved them!! We will be ordering this coming up weekend!"

- T. Tillis

"I love them so much!!"

- M. Russell

"OMG Lyn!!! You did so amazing! Thank you thank you!! I LOVE my pics!!"

- M. Dailey

"I love thm.... love thm..."

- B. Crandell

"Thank you so much Lyn!!! You captured every moment!!!"

- I. Scott

"Pic look great.  Can’t wait for the CD!!!!  See you at the next event!!!!"

- G. Robinson

"I Love Them!!!"

- Y. Matlock

"Lord I have the most difficult this kids to take pictures of but they came out gorgeous and I still love them!!!!! Big thanks to L D I-Photography Lyn we love u lady♥"

- S. Young

"Aww I just looked and I love them !!!"

- A. Hughes

"OMG!!!! You are the bomb Lyn!!!! We love every shot. You did such an awesome job! Cant wait to do the family session! "

- N. Burkhalter

"I like them all!"

- K. Watson

"Love em."

- T. Cooks

"I Love it! Thank you Lyn once again."

- R. Long

"S/O to Lyn."

- C. Robinson

"Awww we love u -L D I-Lyn you one of the only people who can capture the real us :)"

"I SOOOOOO LOVE THEM!!!! They are so beautiful almost made me cry."

- C. Briggs

"Thanks you so much! They look great!"

- N. Smiley

"They look good :-)"

- R. Long

"Really really really nice I love it"

- Q. Huddleston

"Omg you did a great job! I love every one of the pictures!"

- J Cervantes

"Lyn OMG I love them!!! My invite is hot!"

- M. Dailey

"these are so beautiful I almost cried...thank you sooo very much"

- L. Fields

"Omg I luv them pics of us"

- T. Spratt

"They FLY Lyn. I really like them."

- Lotto


"Love Love Love MY Invites!!!

"Love love love the invite you did that.. i love the photos! I'm ready to set up another one lol."

- R. Long

"Awww thank you for all that you did....the pics look beautiful. And you have given us such wonderful memories of our beautiful day!"

- L. Molina

OMG these are amazing and we haven't even got to the link :)  You are very talented at your job in capturing the perfect picture." - D. Burton

"Those are beautiful!"

- J. Garner

"I LOVE these Lyn!!"

- T. Christain

Aww!!!! This just made my day!! Thanks gir :)"

- Q. Jackson

"Thank you Lyn. You did such an amazing job."
- R. Stewart

" You did your thing Lyn. Thank you for the awesome designs on the business cards!"

- R. Stewart

"The pics look great! Thank you Lyn!"

- G. Robinson

"OMG Lyn you made me cry!! I LOVE THEM!!!"

- D. Battle

"Thank you....LOVE THE PICTURES #greatmemories"

- J. Long

"Great job Lyn..."

- J. Garner

" Wow. That made me tear up. Very beautiful. Breathtaking actually."

- C. Robinson

"I Love them! They are so GROUGIOUS!!"

- Q. Ladd 

"I absolutely love them!THANK U,THANK U,THANK U!"

- B. G.

"I'm in love Lyn :) you did a great job!"

- Kayla K.

"I love love love them!!"

- Lauren B.

"I really loved shooting with you. I will def be back for several more sessions. I love them I want to cry they're so good!!!!"

- V. Price

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! Thank you!!! You're the BEST!!!"

- T. Hall

"Thank you Lyn!! You always do such great work!!!"

- T. Booker

"Thank you so much for the great experience. I love our pictures."

- D. Bolden

" You did a great job on our pictures!!  Thank you again for such a great job!"

- M. Guess

"They are beautiful!!!!!"

- T. Booker

"I love them! Great Job! I loved at them and feel in love!"

- D. Bolden

"Thax u Lyn they all look Good u do a good job every time u cum out!!!"

- J. Culp

"Oh Lyn you did an AMAZING job!! Thank you so much!! See you in 2 years ;)"

- T. Christenson


- T. Christenson

"Love it Lyn! Beautiful! Job well done!! We are over here discussing what to wear to take our Christmas pics."

- D. Caldwell

"Love em, love em,love usual!!:)"

- B. Gross


- B. Crandell

"thank you they are so cute omg.. I am so in love..."

- A. Allen

" these!!!!! They turned out beautiful!!! 

Thank you again for capturing such beautiful moments!!!!! 
Tajene' says thank you!!!!
You're the best!!!!!!"
- K. Bredeson

"Omg! Lyn!!! I absolutely love em as always! You're an angel with that camera!:)"

-B. Gross

"OMG I love them LYN"

- S. Henry

"Great JOB" I Love Them!!"

- A. Mansker

"You always capture him so well that's why you're his "picture lady"

- C. Cipriano

"Love it, Love it, Love it!"

- T. Christenson

"OMG!!!! Beautiful!!! Thank You!!!"

- J. McConnell

"Awwww man lol they're so nice!!! You are a blessing to us!!"

- A. Sharp

"Lyn I love these! You are wonderful at what you do :)"

- S. Magdaleno

"OMG I love them Thank You!!"

- E. Ram

"thank you i got them they are gorgeous"

- A. Allen

"Thank you!! We love them!! You never let us down. Thanks again for capturing all our big moments."

- B. Gross

"I Love them! Thanks!

- K. Ramsey

"Ooommmgggg I'm so excited. They are so pretty. I love them!!!"

-C. Nero

"OMG Lyn these came out so cute. I love them!! Thank you!"

- M. Sanders

"We love them love them love them. Thank you Lyn!!!"

- Veronica H.

"Lyn, Thank you so much you did an amazing job. Look forward to seeing you again at my daughter's wedding."

- C. Van Little Jr.

Comments from others:

"Lyn:  You have been a great blessing. 
Thanking the Lord for the wonderful gift of photography."
Be Blesssed,
- Judge Miller

"Lyn these are beautiful. Thank you so much!"

- Veronica H.

"Lyn I love you girl!! Thank you they are GREAT!!!!"

- I. Brooks 

"Baby Girl you did an AWSOME job. Thank you so much!!"

- M. Lewis

"Lyn OMG I love them!!! You are the BOMB girl!"

- A. Jennings

"Lyn I love them thank you so much."

- S. Tucker

"Thank you I adore them"

- A. Deline

 "Awww these r cute thank u"

- S. Henry

"I love them"

- A. Jennings

"I love the pics"

- Q. Jackson

"thank you so much I lllloooovvvveeee them... you are very talented at what you are called to do..."

- W. Freeman

"Omg I absolutely love them!!!! Thank you so very much they are awesome!!!"

- L. Swann

  1. "We love them cant stop talking about them" - N. Long

"Lyn these are to cute! Thank You!"

- Howard

"They are sooo beautiful."

- J. Wilson

" I love them thank you so much"

- M. Russel

"Lyn OMG you did a wonderful job."

- C. Cheadle

"Lyn girl you did your thing. Thank you so much."

- C. Cheadle

"Lyn the these are beautiful. Thank you so much"

- C. Cheadle

"Oh Lyn I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you soooo much!!!"

"S. Jackson

"OMG Lyn you are the BEST!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!"

-C. Cipriano

"Lyn girl you did your thing. My baby loves them."


"Lyn thank you, they are all beautiful"

-C. Byrd

"Lyn you are the BOMB!! I LOVE EM!!"

-T. Rhodes

"They are gorgeous Lyn, Thank you!"

-T. Jackson

"He likes them Lyn. They are nice."

-N. Edwards

"Thank you Lyn. She loves them!"


"They are beautiful. I LOVE the invite!!"

-K. Derrick

"I love them!!!!"

-W. Walker

":) Love Love Love them!!!"

- B. Gross

"Lyn she was great after waking all the way up... Love the poses that you captured I love them thanks again."

- R. Baker

"I LOVE them you did great!"

- M. Raines

"Thank You!!! Everyone loved you, my 14 year old said moma she was so cool!!! :)"

- T. Goodman

"They are Gourgeous!! Thank You!!!

- S. Bell

"I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!"

- C. Cipriano

"The pics are beautiful"

- M. Brown

"Lyn!!! I love her pictures!!!

- A. Daniells

"Omg I'm in tears these are great"

- M. Brown

"Luv the pics baby thank u thank u"

- K. Parker

"OMG Lyn I love em'!!! Thank you so much"

- S. Henry

"Thanks Lyn all of the pics came out great! I loved working with you and looking forward to many more pics to come lol."

- K. Spratt

" I love em!!!"

- S. Tucker

"Thank you Lyn!!! These are WONDERFUL!"

- T. Daniels

"Thank you for coming out. They look GREAT!"

- B. Moon

"I love my pictures."

- D.C.

"Lyn - THANK YOU for all that you do for us! The photos are AMAZING!"

- Ashlie D. Mission Resources Coordinator

"These are FANTASTIC!!!!!  Thank you Lyn!  Can’t wait to include some of these in the video!"

Katie Robinson Volunteer Manager

"The pictures are wonderful! Thank you to all that made this so special for Gabbi!
- Betty K Director of Program Services

" I LOVEEEEE THEM! Omg I love you!"

-G. Davis

" I love u and the pictures. You are such a blessing to me and my family. Thanks for all that u do!"

- Ashlie D

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