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Interested in having Laney Love Memories capture your moment?
Please click the link below to book your appointment.  
  Balances must be paid the day of unless a payment plan  have been made.
Thank you and let the smiles continue.

Package Information

All Sessions will Include:


1 Online Private Gallery for viewing, sharing, and ordering.

1 CD/DVD High Resolution of your moments with a License to Print. 

Proofs will be available in 1 - 2 weeks. 

All images are retouched and color corrected. 

CD's will be mailed out directly to your home.   

A retainer of $25.00 will is due at the time of booking.

Retainer will be deducted from the package price of your choice.

Don't forget to ask about our Payment Plans Services.

*Due to PayPal processing fees. The processing fees are included in the price* 

Session Packages

                                                       Picture Day is great for Families, Children, Maternity, & Groups.        

Tues. & Thur. Specials ~ $80.00

Includes: 1 hour session.

Your choice of studio / location.

Session covers up to 5 people in your session.

Additional people / group fee will apply.

Friday - Sunday Sessions ~ $120.00

Includes: 1 hour session.

Your choice of studio / location. 

Session covers up to 5 people in your session. 

Additional people / group fees will apply.

Mini Sessions ~ 75.00

Includes: This session is 30 min.

Your choice of studio / location. 

Session covers up to 5 people in your session. 

Additional people / group fees will apply.

Print Packages 

Loyalty Print Match Program

Create your own Package & Mix-n-Match your poses. 

Phone Orders are Welcome. 

Smile Small $55.00

4-8x10's, 8-5x7's, 9-4x6's, & 8 Wallets

Bundle of Smiles $85.00

6-8x10's, 12-5x7's, 12-4x6's, & 16 Wallets

Family Pack of Smiles $95.00

8-8x10's, 10-5x7's, 12-4x6's, & 32 Wallets

Mega Pack of Smiles $115.00

1-11x14, 6-8x10's, 12-5x7's, 15-4x6's, & 64 Wallets

A la Carte

8 Wallets $15.00

    4-4x6's - $15.00

      2-5x7's - $15.00

     8x10's - $20.00

     11x14's - $30.00

16x24 - $40.00

New Born Sessions

 Up 2 hours & 1 Private Gallery

Standard ~ $120.00

Includes: CD Only

Standard Deluxe ~ $150.00

Includes: CD, 3 Sheets & 15 Birth Announcements

Plus  ~ $200.00

Includes: CD, 3-8x10's, 4-5x7's, 9-4x6's, 16 Wallets

 & 25 Birth Announcements

Plus Deluxe ~ $250.00

Includes: CD, 3-8x10's, 6-5x7's, 9-4x6's, 16 Wallets 

 25 Birth Announcements

Birthday Sessions

~ Additional invites may be purchased in sets of 15 for $50.00~

Mini Sessions

Full Sessions

Standard ~ $100.00

Includes: 1-8x10 Print & 1 CD

Standard Plus ~ $150.00

Includes: 1-8x10 Print & 1 CD

Deluxe ~ $120.00

Includes: 1-8x10 Print

15 Invites with Envelopes

1 CD

Deluxe Plus ~ $175.00

Includes: 1-8x10 Print

15 Invites with Envelopes

1 CD

                                                Senior Packages

This is the most important element of the Senior's senior year. 

All sessions will offer you a variety of expressions to show your personality.

A $25.00 retainer at the time of booking. 

The retainer will be deducted from the choice of package.

Don't forget to ask about our Payment Plans services. 

 Unlimited change of clothes. 

All packages will include your Senior's session.

1 Online Private Gallery for viewing, sharing, and ordering. 

1 CD high res. with License to Print and your choice of prints.*

Don't forget to ask about our Payment Plans services.

Standard Packages

Standard  ~ $145.00 

Includes: 1 hour session (studio / location)

32 Wallets

Standard Deluxe  ~ $270.00

Includes: 2 hour session (studio / location)

32 Wallets

Plus Packages

Plus  ~ $225.00

Includes: 1 hour session  (studio / location)

32 Wallets

15 Custom Announcements & Envelopes

Plus Deluxe  ~ $370.00

Includes: 2 hour session  (studio / location)

1-8x10, 3-4x6's, & 32 Wallets

15 Announcements & Envelopes

Bonus Packages

Classic  ~ $395.00 

Includes: 1 hour session  (studio & location)

4-8x10's, 6-5x7's, 9-4x6's 32 Wallets, & 1-11x14 Print

20 Custom Announcements & Envelopes

Signature  ~ $420.00 

Includes: 2 hour session  (studio / location)

6-8x10's, 8-5x7's, 12-4x6's, 32 Wallets

 & 2 - 11x14 's

20 Custom Announcements & Envelopes

Supreme Packages

 Senior Memories  ~ $520.00 

Includes: 2 hour session  (studio / location)

4-8x10's, 8-5x7's, 32 Wallets  & 1 - 11x14 

1 - 8x10 Canvas (Wrapped)

15 Custom Announcements & Envelopes

4 Seasons  ~ $620.00

Capture your Senior all year around. 

Includes: 4  One hour sessions throughout the year.

5-8x10's, 16-5x7's, 32 Wallets, &1-11x14

1 Press Book 5x8 (20 pg) 

20 Custom Announcements & Envelopes 

*Please note that a payment of $143.75 will be due at the end of each session.*

~ Additional announcements may be purchased in sets of 25 for $40.00~

~ Additional print sheets may be purchased by Package / A la Carte ~

Real Estate Photography

L.D.I. takes pride in real estate listing photographs and the value they consistently add to your listings. Using top of the line architectural photography equipment and unmatched customer service, we make it our priority to help you in selling your property at a higher price point in a shorter time span. With less than a 24 hour turnaround from shooting the photographs of the property to delivery of them, we keep up with the fast pace industry.

Services are offered Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday.

You will receive between 20 - 30 photos edited and 1 CD.

Views of property consist of front elevation, back yard and interior of the home are standard. 

Virtual Tour with music.

Each property has a $20.91 retainer

Each property starts at $75.00

Car Lot Photography

When marketing a new or pre-owned vehicle via the Internet, high quality images of your cars are an important part of attracting potential customers and compelling them to act.  To enable you to gain the maximum benefit from your Internet marketing I recommend a minimum of 16 images per vehicle, including photographs of the front, rear, and both sides of the exterior, the interior, engine and trunk, as well as any options such as navigation, sunroof, or a convertible top in the raised and lowered positions.

$75.00 a car with an agreed minimum of 15 per week. I shoot 3 to 4 cars an hour. 

All photos are edited along with a CD. Turn around time next day.

Online uploading is included.

Services offered Mon. - Fri.

Event Photography

Great way to capture your Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Going Away Party, Bridal Party,

 Engagement Party, Retirement Party, Family Reunion & Etc.  

A $20.91 retainer at the time of booking. 

The retainer will be deducted from the choice of package.

*Night Coverage gets 2 hours for the price of one.*

*Nonprofits will receive 10% off.* 

1 Hour Coverage ~ $120.00

2 Hours Coverage ~ $220.00

3 Hours Coverage ~ $320.00

4+ hours ~ $95.00 hrly

Photo Booth Fun 

If you would like to offer a picture booth to your guest. Picture booth may be added with your Event Package or offered separately.  

Package Includes: 2 hours of Photo Booth. Photos from the booth are printed on site in 1 size of 4x6 along with a picture sleeve.

Picture Booth CD will be provided along with 1 Online Gallery for guest to view, share, & order.

Photo Booth retainer of $50.00 is required at the time booking if not booked with event.

Wedding Day


For your wedding day is a day that will always be treasured. 

As your photographer I will join each client on their day / night of rehearsal. 

This gives myself the knowledge of your wedding ceremony and the chance to view the 

venue to get all my thoughts and planning together for your day. 

Please Call 405.494.0534 for more information.

Sports & Game Day Packages
Great way to have your athlete's games captured. Sports packages are sold separately from Game Day moments.
Game Day Packages have a $20.91 retainer at the time of booking.

Game Day ~ $120.00

Includes: 1 hour of coverage 

1 private online gallery for viewing, sharing, and ordering. 

1 CD/DVD with all images with a License to Print.


Video Coverage per game $100.00

Team Packages

Are great to capture your player with his/her team members. 

 Team will receive 1 Private Online Gallery for viewing, sharing, and ordering. 

Coach will receive a 8x10 Team photo.

Service is free to capture team photos.

Package A ~ $45.00

1-8x10 Memory Mate with Team photo & Player photo

5-Traders Single Sided

5-Sports Tickets

1-3" Button

Package  B ~ $65.00

2-8x10 Memory Mate with Team photo & Player photo

10-Traders Single Sided ~ 10-Sports Tickets

2-3" Button

1 Magazine Cover

Package A ~ $85.00

1-8x10 Memory Mate with Team photo & Player photo

5-Traders Single Sided ~ 5-Sports Tickets

1-3" Button ~ 1-8x10 Magazine Cover

1- Keychain ~ 1 5x7 Statuette

Novelty Items

These items are available for any and all sessions. Great for Gift ideas.

Clothing & Accessories

 Adult T-shirts ~ Hats ~ Neckties ~ Apron ~ Cufflinks ~ Belt Buckles ~ Money Clips ~ Wallets ~ Women/Men Flip Flops

Photo Bags

Messenger Bags ~ Shoulder Handbag ~ Bucket Bag ~ Shoulder Clutch Bag ~ Chain Purse ~ Backpacks ~ Cosmetic Bags ~ Coin Purses ~ Camera Cases ~ Phone Cases ~ Camera Cases ~ 20 CD Wallet ~ PSP Case ~ NDS Lite Case ~Notebook Cases

Jewelry & Watches 

Jewelry Bags ~ Dog Tags ~ Women/Men Watches ~ Earrings ~ Jewelry Case Clock 

Fun Time

Playing Cards ~ Puzzles ~ Rubic Cube ~ Poker Chips

Misc Items

Umbrellas ~ License Plate ~  Key Chains ~ Luggage Tags ~ Flasks ~ Zippo Lighters ~ Portable Speakers ~ Buttons ~ Magnets ~ Bar Mates

Home & Office

Pillowcase ~ Body Pillowcase ~ USB Flash Drives Business Card Holder ~ Letter Opener ~ Bookmarker ~ Desktop Calendar ~ Wall Calendars ~ Mugs ~ Fleece Blankets ~ Door Mates ~ Laptop Covers

Canvas Prints

8x10 ~ 11x14 ~ 16x24 

Photo Book Sizes

Pocket Book 5x8 ~ Trade Book 6x9 ~ Small 7x7 ~ Standard 8x10 or 10x8