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Loyalty Program & Benefits

We all love loyalty programs. Get discounts discounts discounts... 

To show my appreciation to those who have supported me in the past & continue to support me as my business grows.
Here is an offer you can't resist!

How does the loyalty program work?
1. Once you have booked a photography session with LDI Photography, you automatically gain membership to the loyalty program.
2. All you need to do is make 5 connections to LDI Photography  and you will qualify for a discount of 25% off your photo shoot.

What is a connection?
A connection is similar to a referral program, but better!
You can make a connection in 2 different ways,  the first is by booking a session with LDI Photography.  The second is by referring someone else, who books a session with LDI Photography.

Let me show you....
You book a session with LDI Photography & become a member of the Loyalty Program.                  That's Connection 1
Your sister decides she loves your photos, and books her own session.                                          That's Connection 2
You decide to have more photos taken.                                                                                         That's Connection 3
You refer a friend who books a session with LDI Photography                                                          That's Connection 4
You purchase a LDI Photography gift voucher.                                                                                That's Connection 5

You refer a friend to book their wedding with LDI Photography. You will receive 5 Connection Points.

After you gain your 5 connections, you will receive a Loyalty Program Voucher, which will entitle you to a 25% OFF 60 minute photo shoot of your choice. Senior & Birthday Packages and or Specials are excluded from discount.  Alternatively, you can request this to be issued in the form of a gift voucher, that can then be used as a present.


Does my first sitting count as a connection?
Yes! Your first sitting will not only gain you entry as a loyalty member, but will count as your 1st connection, so you will only need to make 4 more connections.

If I refer a friend to your Facebook page, and they win a giveaway, is that counted as a connection?
Unfortunately no.  A connection is only valid if it is a session that is paid for.  The only exception to the rule is, if your first sitting was a giveaway, model call or prize.

Does it matter what type of photo sitting I or the person I refer book?
No. All sittings- pregnancy, newborn, romantic, family, cake smash and trash the dress will count as a connection.

If I refer a friend who books in for a promotional photo sitting (monthly special or Facebook special), does that count as a connection?
Absolutely, any special offer  will count as a connection. The only thing that doesn't count are free sittings offered as prizes or model calls.

How do you know who made the referral?
There are three ways you can get connected for any referrals you have made.
1. There is a referral box located on the paperwork that needs to be filled in before the sitting takes place. The person you have referred just needs to write YOUR name in this section of the paperwork.
2. If you refer someone who you know will be making a booking, you can drop me a line & let me know you referred this person.
3. You can request referral coupons, that will be linked to your loyalty membership.

Print Match Program

For every order placed over $30.00 will be matched in prints. Prints will be matched at equal value. 

*Referral credits are non-transferable, have no intrinsic cash value, and are only valid toward your Session. Excess referral credits will be retained for future bookings. Referral credits are only valid once the referred Session is complete, and cannot be applied to prior bookings or Sessions.*

*To receive the military discount, client must present a valid active duty/dependent ID card at the Photo Session, and notify SNP of status at time of booking.* 


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